Marriage Counselling

Christians value marriage and the role of parents in raising children.

Yet, despite this, many Christians experience difficulties with their relationship and in their parenting roles. Intimacy can be affected by working too hard, guilt or shame, problems with communication, emotional support and sexual issues.

The fact is Christians are affected by these issues as frequently as the general community and finding the right person to discuss these issues at length can be difficult within the same church congregation. Confidentiality cannot be assured when you are chatting with friends at church and ministers, however well-intentioned, are not always trained or experienced in dealing with the many complex issues that can arise within their parishioners’ lives.

Our Christian Counsellors and Psychologists can help couples in many ways, and this includes providing counselling that is focused on skill development: changing the process of managing conflict, managing boundaries and leadership development. We can also provide pre-marriage counselling, and assist with issues arising from separation and divorce. If your children are affected by a relationship that has been difficult, then family therapy may be suggested to assess and provide counselling to your child/children.

Christians are just as vulnerable to relationship breakdown, depression, anxiety and domestic abuse. Sometimes relationships break down to the point where one partner might commit adultery and this can cause feelings of betrayal, distrust and shame within the Christian community. It can be very helpful to talk to a Christian counsellor or psychologist before your relationship reaches the point where you are feeling trapped.  There is a benefit in talking to a professional that is not in your congregation as you won’t fear seeing them at social functions.

Couples often enjoy discussing their plans for starting a family, managing the care of family or church members with disabilities, leadership  development or plans to study and make changes in line with their divine purpose. Managing postnatal depression after birth is a frequent reason for Christians to seek professional advice and support.

The Christian counsellors and psychologists listed on this website attend various churches in the Brisbane area, so you can find a therapist that is outside your normal social sphere.

Many therapists will charge extra for a couple, but we can see couples at the usual individual rate. We do offer hardship rates and sometimes it is possible that some relationship issues may be discussed when you attend an appointment to support your partner.  Medicare rebates are available for those with a mental health plan, but this is normally not needed for couples counselling.  Please check with your health insurance company to see if a rebate may apply for counselling or psychology services.

To make an enquiry, or organise an appointment with one of our Christian counsellors or psycholoigsts, please contact reception on 1800 877 924.