Our Christian Counsellors are based out of two convenient locations on Brisbane’s southside:

We are independent practitioners, with experience in providing support for a range of common issues faced by Christians, such as  post natal depression, burnout, trauma, and parenting challenges, as well as marriage counselling, mental health assessments, educational assessments and legal reports. Counselling Services are the most common service provided.  Usually counselling services vary in cost depending on the therapist chosen, type of counselling required and length of treatment.

You may attend counselling without a referral.  Private health insurance will usually rebate a psychologist.

We have found that explaining rebates is very confusing for the average new client, therefore we recommend a confidential Free appointment with our senior psychologists, by booking a Free Emotional Health Check up.  We can assess your emotional health needs, discuss financial limitations and provide a letter to your doctor.  Most check ups involve a discussion around the “best therapist” given the confidential information shared.

Here are some common questions asked:

Do I need a referral to see a psychologist or counsellor?

No referral is needed.

Can I use Private Health Insurance?

Yes, it is likely you can for a psychologist, but not for a counsellor. Check prior to your first appointment.  We cannot guarantee “what” is covered on your policy.  Please ask!

What is a Mental Health Plan?

A mental health plan is special referral provided by your GP or psychiatrist to a psychologist for the provision of counselling to treat specified mental health conditions. Only the listed conditions are eligible.  A mental health plan can only be made out to an individual, not a couple, nor a family.

How many sessions of counselling does a Mental Health Plan provide?

Your GP determines the number of sessions in the letter sent to the psychologist. The maximum limit is 6 visits in the first referral, an additional 4 visits after one mental health review, then 6 if special exceptional circumstances have occurred.  Usually this means that there are up to 10 sessions in the calendar year, if the GP recommends this is required for the condition being treated.

Can I use a GP referral if I don’t have a mental health problem?

The Mental Health Plan is written for the purpose of providing individual counselling for a mental health condition.

Can I use Medicare and Private Health rebates together?

No.  It’s one or the other.

What is a Sliding Scale?

Psychologists usually charge less than the recommended rate depending on their expertise and types of therapy.  Psychologists will consider hardship rates when client is experiencing financial hardship. Clients are encouraged to discuss a payment strategy to be able to afford the “type” of counselling and therapist with sufficient skills to treat the referred condition.

What is the Rebate for a Mental Health Plan?

Clinical Psychologists with endorsement under Medicare may receive a higher rebate due to the extra training completed at University.  The extra training will usually include a Masters or Doctoral level qualification in Psychology.  The higher rebate is about $123 compared to the general psychologist rebate of $84.  Some Psychologists with Post Graduate Clinical Qualifications will be eligible and others may not be as the application process is lengthy and complicated.  You will need to check with your chosen psychologist to see which level rebate is available under your Mental Health Plan.

What is Bulk Billing?

Bulk Billing occurs when a psychologist has a referral from a GP or doctor (psychiatrist or paediatric doctor) and the psychologist decides to reduce their rates to the amount rebated by Medicare. This means that there will be no gap payment, nor additional costs.

What if this is really confusing now I’ve read through the options?

Book a Free Emotional Health Check up and chat to us and we will work through the best psychologist for you, confidentially and without obligation.  It is confusing for the doctors and psychologists as each year the rules and amount of sessions vary.  Sometimes it is not clear how to provide the best service to you, that is why we have created a Free Check Up! To book it, call us on 1800 877 924.

Alternatively, if you still have questions you could fill in the Contact Form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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